Your Go-To experts in offering you immaculate pool services.


Our vision is to be the “Go to” Pool professionals to our clients, while providing perfect, clean, neat, pool structures and affordable pricing on pool services that continue to grow expensive and almost unaffordable to pool owners/companies. We hope to restore the true meaning of “affordable” which has since been lost in translation because of the difficulty in finding good prices and good companies that support clients to achieve value for money.


Our mission statement has embraced “Optimism” and “Ownership” as our core business drivers aimed at achieving our Goals to combat three (3) key Customer Impacting Gaps that exists in the Pool Industry space:

Striking a Balance between Pricing & Product Quality

Customers currently have to pay highly inflated prices to get pool representatives to solve their pool requirements; whether it be pool assets, maintenance, construction and/or safety jobs.

Mostly these types of services are offered in two folds. (A) Service is offered with no guarantee and are offered by Pool representatives that are either registered but are generally too expensive or (B) unregistered representatives that has charged suspiciously lower and have taken drastic measures on a job card which has resulted in compromised work quality on the client’s pool structure in order for them to make a profit.

We beat the Price - Making asking for Quotes fun again

– Customers generally feel very stressed when getting a quote because of the amount they need to pay for a pool service requirement. We aim to close this gap by inviting our customer to try us in “beating the Price” this allows our clients to “Save” as we will ensure we beat any other vendors professional quotes (Including our own previous quotes) either by lowering the price by discount or by including value-added-services which we will offer when compared to any other pool vendors that may have initially quoted the client.

Our customers will no longer need to ask many vendors in order to determine the best price but instead they will instruct us as a company to beat the competitor’s price as we research and help them find ways to save while still keeping the quality of the job requirement. We have made this possible by leveraging from our wide network of regional suppliers and specials they have available in the market.

Company Guarantee and Contactability

Most pool professionals are not contactable after the work is completed, because they are afraid of comebacks which would require them to fix their issues. We offer guarantees on the work or job performed so the client does not have to pay excess cash for any other anomalies that could result after a jobs completion. This means we fix all issues related to our workmanship at no cost to the client. ImmaQuePools is contactable via the Website, Social media, email or contact number (WhatsApp or call).


ImmaQuePools is derived from the word “Immaculate” which when searched on google means “Perfect, Clean, Neat, or Tidy”. These adjectives form our major attributes when referencing our work output. We value these attributes and we ensure that these pillars of our business translate in all that we do for our clients in the following way:


Implementation of the project using the guidelines that are adopted in the Pool industry (e.g. Best Practice, quality of work output, use of material and infrastructural recommendations, Use Subject matter experts to carry out the work.).


Leave the customers property better than how we found it and ensuring the work speaks for itself without any excuse or shortfalls.


Employ good lasting measures and refuse all shortcuts that affect and impact the customers negatively.


Recommend best applicable solutions to the client and expose the clients to the dangers of certain aspects of the pool structure and how they will have long term financial impacts if they are not changed or done properly on inception. If its not a need we do push that recommendation to you, why spend any more money.

We are a BBBEE Certified Company and contribute actively to building our society through job creation opportunities and recognizing experienced individuals and companies as part of our business strategy and model. We believe that by so doing we are making a difference in building and sustaining healthy economic growth.