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About us

About ImmaQue-Pools

ImmaQuePools is a registered Pool Company that provides expert and high-value pool services from Pool Construction, Pool Covers, Pool assets and maintenance requirements. Although most of our customer prefer interacting with us digitally for convenience purposes, our business is located in Alberton, Johannesburg Gauteng. We have a broad geographic reach-mechanism in order to meet our widely located customer base. This is achievable by virtue of our regional partners, suppliers and associates that we leverage from to meet our clients ever changing pricing and quality needs. ImmaQuePools has built strong customer-focused relationships with entities that allow us to successfully service Individual Clients (IC’s), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and Large Corporates.

Why Choose ImmaQuePools?

We are a Customer Driven Company – We Offer the best price on the market and help our customers save because we are not profit focused but instead we are customer focused. COVID, Inflation and an overall unstable economic environment has put a strain on most South African’s pool needs and wants; we are simply doing our part as a business to meet our customers where they are!!!!

We are a Campaign Driven Business – Because Pools are generally difficult to maintain we as a company have committed to run quarterly gift and specials to any existing or new customers so that the continue to save with us and be rewarded for being a loyal customer.
Competitive Pricing

We help you get the best price and service according to the highest standards applicable.

Quality Management

We provide a service and have
a 7-day window period before signing off/handing over the job card as complete to the client. We also include Guarantees on the work performed.

Reward Clients
We have pledged to give away needed pool asserts each time our customers rate our services (via social media or Hello Peter), whether it is a good or not so good review, we value customer feedback.
Customer Experience
We respond to your needs and give you feedback within 24-48 hours and employ other Best Practice methods of doing business with clients
Feedback & Evaluation
We listen to our customers feedback and make the necessary adjustments to better the experience of the customer.
Tenured Specialists

We utilize professional partners that will uphold the expectations on quality so the client is happy with the job’s end result.

Our Service

Core Service Offerings

Pool Maintenance


We conduct pool maintenances, balancing and testing making sure your pool does not have high PH and chlorine levels for your kids to swim skin irritation free.
Pool Repairs


Sand changing, DB Box, reinstallation, Pump, Kreepy crawly, Filter refurbishing and or renewals.
Inspection & Diagnosis

Inspection & Diagnosis

Our testing’s and evaluations on your pool are at not cost and recommendations are sent to you for free.
Pool Revamping

Pool Revamping

We redo your pool or reconstruct it to a smaller or larger and improve structure components (i.e. Coping, Mosaic, Marbelite or Fiberglass reapplication)
New Pool Construction

New Pool Construction & Installations

We construct a brand-new pool and let you choose your style and shape you wish to create, working with your budget while doing so.
Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Our Pool covers are of high quality and give you pool and kids’ protection from any dangers that could occur. Choose from either a net or PVC Cover installation.
Jacuzzi Services

Jacuzzi Services

We also perform Jacuzzi construction and repairing, from blower, heater, pump, filter and water outlets.
Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Because we understand your broad needs, we also have reliable Wendy House, Lapa, irrigation, solar panels, grass, pool fencing and tree felling services you can always leverage from in house so we keep you saving even further.


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Our Service

Our Partners

Our Partners are highly tenured experts that we have been working with for years on end, to keep the standards of quality, customer satisfaction and expertise always at the top of our deliverables, they offer us a tailored and exclusive services and pricing to offer our customers.

We are a BBBEE Certified Company and contribute actively to building our society through job creation opportunities and recognizing experienced individuals and companies as part of our business strategy and model. We believe that by so doing we are making a difference in building and sustaining healthy economic growth.